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The 7 2019 Diet Trends are safe and do Quick Trim

Every year there will be various types of new diets or diets that continue to trend. Almost all diet 2019 trends that appear will give you varying success claims. Our task now is to understand all types of diets and choose which ones are suitable to choose.

Various types of 2019 diet trends

Here are some types of diet trends predicted by 2019 to be increasingly popular as reported by The Health Line:

1. Health gut diet

There are no specific rules for this type of diet. The protocol only divides food into two different categories. The first food is good for the stomach and secondly, food is not good for the stomach. As long as it doesn't cause interference, it means it's good for the body.

Good food usually contains more probiotics such as yogurt, Kimchi, or kabocha. In addition, fibrous fruits and vegetables are also good for this type of diet.

2. Vegetable protein diet

For this we consume more protein derived from animal protein. Besides having a good taste, protein is also quite rich. Although animal protein is beneficial, excess fat content can cause side effects. In addition, environmental problems. Because agriculture is also a problem of 2019 diet trends.

Vegetable proteins come in various items. This seed will be processed further into foods such as tofu, tempeh, or other preparations to mimic the texture of meat.

3. Keto Diet

This type of keto diet has many derivatives, but the concept is the same namely low carbohydrate, high fat, and moderate. The source of protein can be from anywhere even though tofu has to be reduced because of its high carbohydrate content.

This 2019 diet trend is fast weight loss. However, some side effects such as dizziness will often appear in the early weeks of applying the 1-2 diet.

There are some people who are suitable for this diet and some things are not. If you have high blood pressure and cholesterol, you may be able to consult your doctor first.

4. Intermittent diet ' fasting '

Diet trends 2019 allows You to eat anything even though it should not be excessive at certain hours. New dining can be done start 12.00 noon until 6-8 hours ahead. More than that can only drink plain water.

This type of diet is suitable for you who are losing weight. In addition, you want to remove stubborn fat in the stomach, these diets can also be attempted.

Intermittent ' fasting ' will speed up the metabolism of the body. In addition, a diet that limits the hours eating is also good for those of you who have digestive disorders such as heartburn.

5. Bitter diet

It is estimated that a bitter diet will also appear. Although fans of certain diet trends, 2019 is still predicted to be a trend. The concept of this diet is to consume bitter foods either raw or cooked to detoxify or remove toxins in the body.

6. Un-Dietting

This diet has no Protocol and only returns to the basic needs of the body. As long as the body meets its needs and is not excessive, complex protocols are not necessary.

7. Flexible diet

The 2019 diet trend might not be as strong as the type of keto diet or other points before. However, those who are involved in the world of fitness and sex will use this diet more because it allows you to regulate the composition of nutrients into the body.

This type of diet can also be adapted to the needs and targets of fitness owned. For example, when cutting, setting macro nutrients is more focused on protein than carbohydrates.

This 2019 diet trend is indeed quite a lot and makes some people interested. You can do the diet presented above. However, there are several things that must be considered starting from the condition of the body and being fit. Hopefully the above review is useful for those of you who want a healthy diet and minimal side effects.


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