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Diet Tips for Fast Pregnancy

Some couples anywhere want to have babies fast, but unfortunately sometimes there are some women who struggle to get pregnant because of fertility factors. In fact there are as many as 10% of people who have difficulty having offspring because of total population fertility problems.

The condition of the fertility may make you try various ways to get pregnant quickly such as trying an alternative to medical. But the result is nil or you have not been pregnant. If you are included in this case, you may need to try a diet method to get pregnant quickly. In this diet all you have to do is change the eating pattern.

Yes, a diet can indeed affect fertility or the pregnancy rate of women. It was proven in a study conducted by the Nur's Health Study which stated that food and drinks consumed by a person can influence the chance to get pregnant. From the population in the study, 66% of the group of women who followed the diet produced a reduced risk of infertility due to poor egg quality and 27% due to other factors.

From the explanation above we can see that the diet method to get pregnant quickly by changing your diet is good enough for you to try. For that, here are some quick pregnancy diet tips that you can do:

1. Avoid foods with trans fat

For those who are diligent in eating fried foods and having trouble getting pregnant, it's time to reduce or stop consuming fried foods. Not only fried, you also need to avoid foods with other trans fats because trans fat can make it difficult for you to get pregnant. This happens because when the body contains too much trans fat, the blood flow to the reproductive system will be hampered because blood vessels are blocked by trans fats that cause infertility.

2. Consume foods with unsaturated fats

You must avoid trans fats and have to eat foods with unsaturated fats. The fish are salmon, sardines, and nuts.

3. Consumption of vegetable protein

Compared to animal protein, vegetable protein helps increase your fertility. Examples of vegetable food sources are vegetable protein.

4. Drink supplements

Taking additional supplements is also needed. The supplement needed is folic acid. Apart from supplements, you can also get folic acid from foods such as vegetables. In addition to folic acid, and also need intake of foods with iron content.

5. Physical activity

To balance the intake of food you consume, and keep your body's BMI normal, you also need to do physical activity or exercise. Because BMI or weight also affects a woman's fertility to get pregnant quickly. But you don't have to do too much activity.


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