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How to control weight during pregnancy

Many say that pregnant women will look fatter when the fetus grows in the womb. All women must gain weight during pregnancy. However, this is no reason to let the body grow uncontrollably while pregnant. Here are some ways to control weight during pregnancy.

1. Track your weight every week
You must know how much weight gain during pregnancy every week. This will help control weight gain so as not to overdo it. Normal weight gain during pregnancy is 10-17.5 kg. If you have passed the number, consult your obstetrician. Start, plan a healthier diet.

2. Adjust the amount of food
When pregnant, many women think that they have to eat for 'two people'. What's worse is that he translates literally by eating twice the portion. Pregnancy is the reason for you to eat a lot and all the reasons for the baby. In fact, you need complete nutrition for healthy babies. While there aren't too many servings to add, when you are pregnant, you only need 300 extra calories a day. So pregnant women must arrange a more nutritious diet. Ensuring a newborn baby gets all the nutrients he needs.

3. Plan your diet
Avoid eating foods that have smaller nutritional value than main foods, such as replacing rice with pasta. If you want to snack, try eating a variety of healthy snacks such as vegetables, eggs, and fruits. In order not to lack nutrition, try healthy snacking every two hours.

4. Don't stop exercising
Even if you are pregnant, you do not need to stop exercising or move. Do routine work, jogging, or a leisurely stroll at a level tailored to the condition of pregnancy. Even obstetricians are advised to stay active while pregnant, because it can increase the chances of normal labor.

If you are inactive or lazy to get pregnant, it will make a lot of fat accumulate in the body making it more difficult to reduce it after pregnancy.


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