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How to shrink the stomach after childbirth in this way

Having a slim stomach posture during childbirth is actually not a dream. Even when pregnant women experience weight gain, returning the body shape as before can be obtained.

However, it really returns weight and has a flat stomach not only restores self-confidence, but is also closely related to health risk factors.

Excess fat, especially in the abdominal area is bad fat compared to other body parts. So to achieve the body's goals, Buna need to do physical activity and pay attention to food intake.

The reason, there is a list of foods that are recommended for consumption and should be avoided.

Food Tips Consumed

1. Yogurt

Who among those who like to eat yogurt? If so, this habit must be continued postnatal, especially the types of low sugar and artificial sweeteners. This healthy snack is rich in calcium and low in fat, but high in protein and fiber.

This is what makes yogurt suitable for mothers who want to slim down after giving birth. Consuming it can also create a feeling of fullness longer so that a little can resist hunger and prevent the mother from eating unhealthy snacks.

2. Fish

Instead of consuming more fat-rich red meat, you can put fish in a healthy menu after birth every day. Fish has a much better content of fatty acids, namely DHA or Omega-3 which is good for mother and baby health.

To reduce saturated fat intake, mothers can serve it by burning, steaming, stir-frying, or vegetable. But be careful when choosing the type.

Be sure to choose non-mercury fish or come from safe, non-polluted waters.

3. Honey and lemon

Another way that can be considered to make your stomach even more flat is to mix lemon with honey.

In order for the benefits to be felt more, you can also consume it when you wake up, on an empty stomach before eating.

We recommend using a glass of warm water to mix it with fresh lemon water and half a teaspoon of honey. To make it more delicious, you can also add mint or cucumber to the water.

This mixture is known to be effective for increasing metabolism and burning fat in the stomach.

4. Green Tea

Taking green tea after giving birth can also overcome excess fat around the abdomen. Overall, green tea is rich in antioxidants so it is good for postnatal maternal health.

But consuming it should not be mixed with sugar so the benefits will be more pronounced.

5. Apples

Other fruits that are recommended for consumption are apples. Rich in antioxidants, Apple is known for its quality in removing belly fat, helping to burn excess fat boosters.

Nutritional content can prevent the buildup of fat so that it is consumed well after giving birth.

Foods and beverages that should not be consumed

There are several types of foods and drinks that can make the fat in the stomach become more severe postnatal, including:

1. Alcohol

During pregnancy to postpartum, every woman must avoid this drink. Alcohol has a high calorie content and has almost no nutritional value.

In fact, just drinking some intake can be stacked with thousands of calories.

2. Sugar

Eating foods and drinks that contain high sugar will certainly have a big influence on fat in the stomach, especially after childbirth. Excessive sugar consumption is a major cause of obesity and diabetes.

One drink that contains sugar and high calories is carbonated drinks. One small can of about 12 ounces contains 140 calories, while a bigger one can even double.


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