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The Monochrome Concept Will Make a Minimalist Home Look Spacious and Clean

Everyone must have a dream to have a dream home. Unfortunately, for You who lives in urban areas, limited land becomes a challenge to make this dream come true.

But there's no need to be sad. There are still ways to make You  dreams come true. Only needs to choose the right house concept so that a minimalist house with limited land still has beauty and comfort. One of the concepts that you can choose is the monochrome concept. Monochrome means only using colors that are within one  hue.  Generally, this concept combines white, black and gray.

The monochrome concept, which is dominated by white, will make You minimalist home feel clean and spacious. Meanwhile, the dominance of black will create a masculine and elegant impression.

If you are interested in this concept, let's take a look at the inspiration for the monochrome concept for a minimalist home as reviewed by Me Below : 

1. Black accents for the window sills

One way to make a minimalist house look spacious is to install windows that are high and wide. The window model will make the view wider and eliminate the impression of being narrow.

So, choose black for the window sills. This black color will stand out in the middle of You white walls and bring out a soothing, monochrome feel.

2. Black accents on the stairs

If you have a house with two floors, you can bring a monochrome and minimalist feel to the stairs. You can make stairs with a predominance of black as in the photo or combine black and white. To make it more minimalist, choose a simple staircase design with minimal carvings. 

3. Black and white for furniture

Another inspiration to present a monochrome feel is to choose black furniture. You can also use gray so it doesn't get too monotonous. To be beautiful to look at, you should choose one color as the dominant color and another color as an accent.

If you have a black sofa, use white or gray on the sofa cushions. Conversely, if You sofa is white, use black or gray for the pillows.

4. White marble as a furniture material

If you don't want furniture that looks ordinary, you can choose furniture made of white marble, you know.Besides having a beautiful white color, this material gives an elegant and clean impression to Your house. You can use this material for the dining table or  coffee table in the family room.

5. Black wood parquet as an alternative to flooring material

The next inspiration for creating a monochrome house is to use black dominance on the floor. Of course, you have to choose the floor material carefully so that the house doesn't look dark later.

One option, You can use wooden parquet with dark brown color. In addition to its beautiful colors, wooden parquet will also give your house a natural and warm impression.

6. Monochrome motif as a variation

Monochrome houses often look monotonous because they only use black and white. But don't worry, You can get rid of that impression by using motives. One example is using a bed cover with  a check pattern as shown.However, choose a simple motif so that Your house still has a minimalist impression.

7. Monochrome decoration as a sweetener

On the empty wall, place some monochrome decorations to sweeten the room. You can use a painting or family photo printed in black and white. These decorations will make Your house even more beautiful and thematic, you know.

8. Dominate white so that the house looks clean

If you don't want your house to look too masculine due to black domination, you can emphasize the color of the house on white. Use white as the main color on floors, walls, or furniture. Then, use black as an accent. Besides eliminating the masculine impression, the dominance of white also makes Your minimalist house look clean, you know!

9. Plants as room sweeteners

Even though the main concept of Your house is monochrome, you can still put plants in a corner of the room as a sweetener, you know. The green color of the plants will be even more striking between the black and white dominance.

Those are some inspiration for the monochrome concept for a minimalist home. As long as you are good at placing colors, you are guaranteed that your minimalist home will look beautiful and comfortable. So, which inspiration do you choose?


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