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6 Online Meeting Applications (Conference Call) Free

Want to know what 6 online meeting applications you can use for free? Check which one is the best for the best and safe video conferencing solution for you, see more in the following review. The need for using online meeting applications is increasing day by day, especially since most companies have implemented a policy of working from home. All activities that can be done in person, especially business meetings and presentations must be done through an online meeting application.

Out there, you can choose any video conferencing application that you can use to support your business productivity. Before finally deciding to use one of them, take a good look at the free online meeting application reviews below:

1. Awor

Awor is your first choice when choosing which online meeting application is suitable for your business. Besides being developed by local children, Awor also facilitates those of you who want to have a private video conferencing application. In a sense, Awor allows to be installed on your own company server. That way, you can more freely use and provide double security on your video conference chats .

Main Features Awor

1. Video Conference

  • Audio & Video Control
  • Screen Sharing
  • Live Chat Room
  • Recording

2. Management Meeting

  • Create Meeting
  • Password
  • Moderator Assign
  • Reusable Link
  • Public/Private Meeting
  • Share Meeting
  • Link Join Meeting
  • Meeting List
  • Meeting History
  • Parallel
  • Participant History

3. Member Management

  • Contact
  • Group

The reusable link and parallel meeting features will make it easier for you when you want to hold weekly or daily meetings. Because you don’t need to create a new meeting room. With a private portal, the possibility of integration with your work email can be done and you no longer need to log in because everything is already integrated.

However, if you want to use Awor for a short period of time, you can try using Awor for free for 90 minutes without breaking up, create an Awor online meeting now. You can also download the Awor application via Google Play.

2. Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx provides video conferencing services for free. Unfortunately, you can only use Cisco for 40 minutes. If you want to use it for a long time, you have to pay for a subscription plan provided by Cisco WebEx. This free online meeting application also emphasizes the use of the cloud so that it does not facilitate those of you who want to have a private video conference.

3. Skype

Before video conferencing applications mushroomed as they are now, you would have been familiar with Skype. However, for free use, Skype only supports chat, video, and voice conversations. For additional features such as screen sharing and also the number of participants you must subscribe to Skype for Business.

4. Zoom

Of course, you are already familiar with this video conferencing platform, Zoom is a video conferencing application that you can use for free in 45 minutes. Zoom itself also has many supporting features for both business and academic needs. Unfortunately, some time ago Zoom was hit by an issue of conceding or leaking chat data that made many people switch from it.

5. Google Meet

You can use Google’s video conferencing application for free without a time limit. Unfortunately, meeting participants are only limited to 100 people. For those of you who often hold meetings, you still have to create a new meeting room and cannot use the old link. Where this will certainly be an obstacle to the implementation of the meeting if you forget to prepare it first.

6. Blue Jeans

The Blue Jeans video conferencing application offers different advantages from other platforms. Blue Jeans supports higher-quality audio as well as visuals that are more complete and complex. You can use it for free for an unlimited amount of time. It’s just that you will be limited to 50 participants per meeting. If you want more, you have to subscribe to the premium plan per month. 

Well, those were six free online meeting applications that you can use for free or paid. You can consider which one you want to use based on the benefits described above. If you are still confused, you can try using the Awor video conferencing application with security advantages for your business productivity here.


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