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The Best Tips for Choosing Professional Lawyers, Advocates, and Legal Consultants

The development of an increasingly fast era and economic growth that is increasing day by day, does not necessarily make many problems of life in the community to be fine. There are many problems faced by many groups, both individuals and organizations in terms of regulations or laws. With the birth of Indonesia as a country regulated by law, the services of legal consultants/lawyers/advocates are inevitable, especially in every issue and problem of life, whether business, family, or the relationship between individuals and the state, all of which are regulated by the rule of law.

The long experience that has been passed by the Surabaya Lawyer as a lawyer, advocate and legal consultant, has made the Surabaya Lawyer meet with various types of problems from various clients. What makes Lawyer Surabaya feel sad is that many clients claim to have been "deceived" by unscrupulous lawyers. They claimed to have spent billions of rupiah, but the case turned out to be incomplete and instead they were found guilty. 

So to avoid this, you must know some tips from us before you choose the services of the right lawyer/advocate and legal consultant according to the needs of the business reality or legal problems you are facing. Here are some important tips in choosing the services of a lawyer/advocate and legal consultation.

1. Choose the one with long experience

The first thing that is very important is to know their track record, this is not easy indeed for those of you who want to know their track record. But there is a tip for you, if you want to know this you can contact the list of clients who have been helped by them. You can tell clearly the quality and quantity they have.

2. Look for the appropriate expertise about the problem you are facing

The second thing that is the main thing is to look for someone who has expertise in accordance with the problem you are facing, it is very unlikely that you will leave your problem to someone who does not have the expertise and experience in the problem you are facing. To find out the expertise and specialization in the legal field that is occupied in a law office, you should really ask about the expertise and handling that is the focus of the law office in question.  

3. Prioritize quality

The quality of the law office is an absolute measure for you before making a choice on a law office that has appointed you as a partner. Quality is directly proportional to the costs you will spend to finance these services. Choose one that is definitely quality and your problem will be resolved quickly.

The best and professional lawyer is the one who explains the legal situation and thoroughly, provides advice according to applicable law, provides explanations regarding steps and/or legal remedies (legal/legal) to be taken for your case. 


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