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Top 6 Software to Access the Internet

Someone knows what the Internet is, surely you already know what the internet is. Because the internet is an important thing that you must know and develop to be able to get information, especially in accessing the internet in software such as mozilla firefox, google chrome, opera, and others.

With the internet you will easily get information or knowledge that comes from this vast internet.

So then how can we access the internet? So you can access the internet through software that has provided features for internet access.

So then what are the software to access the internet? Okay, see the following review.

1. Mozilla Firefox

Now the first software to access the Internet is Mozilla Firefox, surely those of you who often access the internet through software must have memorized this one software, namely mozilla firefox.

Mozilla firefox has become one of the best-selling software used to be able to access the internet.

Mozilla firefox can be run on a wide variety of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD.

Now for those of you who want to get this one software, you can download it HERE.

2. Google Chrome

The next software to access the internet is Google Chrome, well surely you also often hear this one software.

Google Chrome is an open source or free web browser developed by Google using the WebKit rendering engine. This Open Source project is called Chromium.

This software is also one of the well-known and most modern software to be able to access an internet.

Features of Goole Chrome

  • Google Chrome can load web pages in no time.
  • Google Chrome opens very quickly from your desktop.
  • Google Chrome can run interactive web, web apps, and JabaScript faster than ever before.
  • Google Chrome is designed for efficiency and simplicity when used.
  • Browse and navigate to a webpage from the same box.
  • Set up and organize your own tabs quickly and easily.
  • Enter your favorite websites with just one click from the thumbnail of the site you frequent on the New Tab page.

3. Internet Exproler

The next software to access the internet is internet exproler, this software is commonly abbreviated as IE or MSIE.

Internet Exproler is a web browser and software that is given away free of charge from Microsoft.

IE is also among the best-selling and well-known software to be able to access the internet, and this software is very easy to use.

4. Safari

Software to access other internet, namely Safari, Safari is a software to access the internet made by Apple Inc. which was originally shown specifically for the Mac OS operating system.

Safari is installed with Mac OS X and is the built-in web browser on that operating system since Mac OS X v10.3.

Safari is still in great demand and is often used to access the internet, especially for Mac OS users.

5. Opera

Opera is software for accessing the internet or web browsers and internet software between platforms.

Opera consists of a collection of software for the Internet such as a web browser and as software for reading and sending electronic mail.

Opera is created by Opera Software which is located in Oslo, Norway. Opera can be run on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD and Linux.

Development of Opera began in 1994. Opera was a research project at Telenor, the largest telecommunications company in Norway. As of July 2006, Opera has reached version 9 which can be downloaded for free.

Operas is also among the best-selling software for accessing the internet, because opera is considered light and fast in its construction.

6. UC Browser

UC Browser formerly named UC Mobile is a mobile browser created by UCWeb in Beijing in April 2004. The release initially used the Java application format. UC Browser was developed by the UC mobile LTD team led by Yu Yongfu who also occupies the position of CEO of UCWeb.


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